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If you came here because you seek answers to difficult questions, you need guidance, advice and help in a tough life moment, or are you here just out of curiosity, then know that you came to the right place. There are no coincidences in the World, everything is driven by influences which impact our lives. Esoterics moves our soul, alters our fate and helps us understand things which on the first glance seem impenetrable by the mind. It warns us and protects from harm, guiding us to happiness and harmony. Benefit from the Power of Tarot, Angel Cards and the Ancient Runes.

My name is Kosma Mykowski, I'm a psychic and a fortune teller. For years I help people and offer them guidance. I Read Cards and Runes, and celebrate Rituals for everyone who comes to me for advice and esoterical help. I take that what is best from the teachings of the greatest East European psychics and mystics and combine it with the knowledge of Kabala and the seers of the Western Culture. This mixture of solid wisdom of the West and the intuitive approach of the East gives outstanding results. I offer my skills by the help of the Internet which I see as a magnificent tool, thanks to which anyone in the World can benefit from my experience in Card Reading. Check out Tarot online and see that it's just as effective as a traditional way of Card Reading.

Don't hesitate. Browse my page, find a Reading or Ritual which suits best your needs and fill out the contact form. I will answer during the next 48h. As you may notice, I'm not a native English speaker, so excuse me if make a spelling mistake.

I eagerly await a message from you.


Kosma Mykowski


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