Cleansing Ritual

Cleansing Ritual is used to remove or break curses and hexes that have been in some way cast or imposed on someone. If you have reasons to believe that someone put a malevolent charm on you or you think that your bad luck isn't circumstantial, then you should really consider performing a Cleansing Ritual. In addition to breaking the curse it will protect you from any other further negative actions or energies.

While performing the Cleansing Ritual I will also try to find out from where the curse was imposed on you. For the Ritual to be fully effective you will have to perform a simpler version of the Ritual yourself, do not worry it is easy and safe and I will run you through the details after you decided on the Ritual.

How does it work?

Cost - 100$

Use the contact form below. Write down your problem and what you want to achieve with the Cleansing Ritual. To perform the Ritual I will need your name and date of birth. I will send you a message in the next 24h with the details concerning the Ritual.

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