The Curse is a powerful esoteric tool that has a strong negative effect on the life of the person it is cast upon. By deciding to perform the Curse Ritual you take full responsibility for the outcome you are trying to achieve. So I urge you to carefully think this through before coming to me for help in this matter.

The Curse may affect one of the aspects of the target's life. Love life, career or just focus on bringing daily misfortune in his/her plans and ventures. For obvious reasons I DO NOT assist in Curses that have effect on health or wellbeing.

For the Curse to work, you will also have to take part, by performing a particular Ritual that channels your will into energy for the purpose of the Curse.

If you need someone to help you get rid of a Curse or other bewitchment ask about the Cleansing Ritual.

So if you are adamant that you want to put a Curse on someone, use the form below and contact me with all the information about the situation and person that would be the subject of the Ritual.

How does it work?

Cost: 500$

Please use the form below to contact me if you want mine help in performing a Curse. Give your name, correct e-mail adress and write down your problem. I will contact you in the next 24h.

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