The Erzulie Ritual

The Erzulie Ritual is a powerful tool derived from the esoteric practices of voodoo. Used for centuries by voodoo shamans it was meant to bring love and create an unbreakable link between two individuals. The Erzulie Ritual's effect is very strong and forceful, but also, as it happens in all voodoo related Rituals, it can be really dangerous for people that take part. Therefore, it is necessary for the Erzulie Ritual to performed by a greatly experienced practitioner, who has knowledge not only of the Ritual, but also knows proper protection methods.

Because of those safety precautions, the Erzulie Ritual has to be performed in two stages. Firstly we perform a special protection and cleansing Ritual and next day we start the proper Erzulie Ritual. It is crucial, that in both stages, the person initiating the Ritual must take part in them by performing a simplified version.

The Erzulie Ritual is not something that should be taken lightly. It is not only powerful, but it creates a strong and vigorous link between two people. As said there is also some danger involved, therefore if you decided to perform the Ritual with me, you will have to act completely as I say.

How does it work?

Cost: 500$ (the whole Ritual)

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