Soulbonding Ritual

The Soulbonding Ritual is one of the most powerful esoteric tools that can be used to bring two souls together. As its name suggests, it bonds those two souls in mutual feelings for life. This bond will bring together their fates, making them feel affection, closeness and purpose in their relationship. The Soulbonding Ritual can be also made to find a connection to a person, which we have feelings for, making him/her notice us and share our emotions.

One should not perform the Soulbonding Ritual lightly, as its vast power and its permanence will thoroughly affect both lives of the people it is cast upon. Only those who are completely sure that they want to share such bond with the one they love should consider the Soulbonding Ritual.

The Soulbonding Ritual is complex and consists of three separate rites that need to be done in the time of two weeks. Those who initiate the Ritual will also need to perform its simpler form on their side. This is called the Focusing Ritual and although simple and completely safe, is needed to focus the energy of the main rite on them and the person who is the object of the Ritual.

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How does it work?

Cost: 350$

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