I. Question to the Runes


Ask the Runes a question. You can ask any number of questions.

How does it work?


Cost - 12$ for the first question and 7$ for each question more. | Order

II. Runic Ritual of Protection



This Ritual is used to help in a specific cause or to aid with a difficult problem. The Runes will show what forces influence you and the situation you are asking about. The base of the Ritual is to find three Runic Amulets that will protect you and give advice about what you should do so that the outcome be in you favor.

In addition to the Runic Ritual of Protection you can ask three questions to the Runes.

How does it work?

Cost - 35$ (Runic Ritual consisting of three Runic Amulets + 3 Questions to the Runes)

Cost - 35$ | Order

III. Great Runic Reading



The Great Runic Reading is a powerful tool which will show not only the past, present and the future but also will actively influence the situation in your favor. The Runes will warn you about the upcoming difficulties and show how you can protect yourself from danger. During the Great Runic Reading I will search also for your Runic Amulet, which will act as a portent.

To the Great Runic Reading you may ask also four questions.

How does it work?

Cost - 35$ (Great Runic Reading + 4 Questions to the Runes)

Cost - 35$ | Order


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