Tarot online


Tarot Online


I. Question to Tarot


Postaw Tarota


Ask a question to the Tarot Cards. You can ask any number of questions.

How does it work?


Cost -12$ for first question, 7$ for each question more. | Order


II. Great Tarot Reading



This sophisticated Tarot Reading gives answers to your past, present and future. It shows what kind of influences you are under and what is their probable impact on your life. The Great Tarot Reading gives warning as well as advice about your future ventures or worries.

To the Great Tarot Reading you may also ask four questions.

How does it work?

Cost - 35$ (Great Tarot Reading + 4 Questions to Tarot)

Cost - 35$ | Order


III. Celtic Cross


Krzyż Celtycki

The Celtic Cross is one of the most powerful Tarot Readings. It is also one of the oldest, as it can be traced back to the XVIII century. It shows the dangers as well as positive influences that will affect you in the future. The Celtic Cross gives also advice as what should be done to achieve your goals.

To the Celtic Cross you can ask six additional questions.

How does it work?

Cost - 49$ (Celtic Cross Reading + 6 Questions to Tarot).

Cost - 49$ | Order

IV. Three-month Reading




This is a long term Reading. Once every month for the next three months I will send you a complex Tarot Reading about what will happen in the upcoming month. Additionally you will receive a Runic Amulet and information on the Angel which will be protecting you through those days.  I will concentrate on the dangers and influences you will be dealing with and when  you should be expecting them.

To every Reading you can ask three additional questions to Tarot, Runes or the Angel Cards.

How does it work?

Cost: 99$ (Three separate Monthly Readings + 3 Questions to Tarot/Runes/Angel Cards)


Cost: 99$ (for three monthly Readings) | Order