XV the Devil

Today you will be your own limitation. The Devil indicates we are not doing something, although we would very much want to. Often, without reasonable excuse, we avoid actions, chores or responsibilities. Instead we indulge in distractions, just to limit our progress or not to think about things that really matter. This seemingly self-destructive attitude is sometimes, unfortunately, very common and made with premeditation . Students, often during exams, will tidy their room  than sit down to study, we postpone our duties day after day until the deadline is just a day away, or even stop ourselves from saying how much we care for the person we love, not to seem weak or vulnerable. So today, you have to overcome your internal fears or laziness, and finally take the first step in the right direction that you know that is good for you. You will see that once you start, everything will get going easier than you thought.

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